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Thread: Replace the actual value of a dimension

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARIA1993 View Post
    You mean to have exactly the same door both in detail in floor plan?
    My problem is that for the floor plan I don't have this kind of door in 3D.
    I have the details only in 2D.
    I would make a new door family then that matches your 2D. I don't know how you make architectural parts but I make mechanical ones all the time when the manufacture doesn't have revit models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPwuzhere View Post
    Maria, the best option for this is to create a dimension style that makes the text be as small as possible and make it so it sits right on the line. You will have to add text yourself above the line. No cheating the actual dimension with unicode characters, it's like you're just using a family that creates dimensions.

    Hello and thank you for your answer!

    Sorry for the multiple questions that I have but I can try to understand why it is so wrong to do this...It is a drafting View in which I dont need to show the 2.10m door so I cut it in the middle and I need to have a dimension to indicate this 2.1m.

    If I add the dimension as you told me and after write manually the actual height of the door, the result will be the same, no? I will have again a dimension in which the text that I will write manually (the 2.10m) will be visible.

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    IF... you must do it addint a period at the end of the edited number is the way to do it. It lets everybody know that it's an edited dimension without being obtrusive. I recently had to do that because the electrical engineer (picked by the client) refused to use Revit. His CAD drawings were less than ideal. For reasons out of my control I had to insert those CAD files into my RCP and dimension the light fixtures. I refuse to edit an engineer's drawing so the only way to make the dimensions viable was to edit the dimension. Since it wasn't going to be something that would break the project and we are so close to finishing this absurdly long project I said screw it - good enough to get a permit. I also know the chances of the lighting plan and what is actually built having any similarity will be around 1%.

    Is it good practice? Heck no. Does it get the permit? Yes. Does it make the client happy? Yes. Will it make any actual, real world difference? Not at all. It's a unique project so I know I can get away with it. But it makes me get Forrest Whitaker eye just thinking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARIA1993 View Post
    ..why is it so wrong to do this?
    There are (very rare) times when you absolutely need to "cheat" a dimension, but you really need to have an overwhelming need with no other options.

    The biggest problem with cheating a dimension - even in a Drafting View - is that once you've done it in one place, it becomes easier to do it in another. And another.
    And before long, it turns into "I don't have time to move that Wall, I'll just change the Dimension." And that destroys everyone's trust in the model.
    Once you find out the even one Dimension has been overwritten in a model, you start wondering if any other Dimensions are cheated as well.

    That said, we do have a Dimension Style that is rounded to the nearest 1/8" not cheated, just rounded. We have that Style set to red so we know which ones are not accurate.
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