I'm having a problem with a curtain wall that ends up with the glazing panel in a different phase to the mullions. It's not consistent in terms of when this happens - sometimes within an existing project, sometimes in a new project. We have tried unpinning all components, and then matching properties with something of the correct phase.

Below shows an example of a curtain wall where the mullions are shown as "Existing", but the glazing panel is "New Construction". When cycling through each component, the option for changing the phase for the glazing panel is greyed out.
The second illustration shows an existing curtain wall with all components showing as "Existing".

I created this in the New Construction phase and the filter "Show Previous and New". After drawing it, I change the phase to "Existing". Usually I don't have a problem, but sometimes it happens.

Can anyone assist with this? It makes a difference because the glazing panel doesn't show up on the Existing Layout plans.