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Thread: Family Types & Nested RFA

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    Family Types & Nested RFA

    Can anyone help with a family issue I have?I have created an Air Terminal with 4 Family types. The Air Terminal can come complete with a Plenum Box on the top. I have created the Plenum Box family which also has 4 Family Types. I have loaded the Air Terminal into the Plenum Box Family. Is it possible to show nested Air Terminal Family Type A when Host Type A is selected, then when host Type B is shown nested Type B changes?At the moment whenever I change the Host family I cant find an option to change the nested family without overriding it in all types.

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    If the plenum box is shared and nested you can assign a family type parameter to it, and then set that for each air terminal type.

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    Here's another thread
    in which we discuss methods of assigning Family Parameters

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