Hello all,

I have a project where I have surveyed an existing roof. I have been given drawn details in AutoCAD of repairs and a repair/condition schedule in Excel.

What I 'basically' want to do is bring the 2D drawings, schedule and a simplified 3D Model all together in Revit for a client.

I am using custom parameters and Ideate BIMLink to bring the schedule into the RVT model. In short I would like to know if there was an add on or some kind of third party program that allowed me to hyperlink a DWG file so you could double click on a parameter or a symbol on the model and it opens up the DWG or PDF.

I feel like this should be possible without too much hassle. The model will be hosted along with all the DWG data and essentially the model will act as a key plan.

If anyone knows of anything please let me know.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks in advance