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Thread: Revit & A360 Desktop

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    Revit & A360 Desktop

    Can someone clue me in as to exactly what A360 Desktop is doing, especially vis-a-vis Revit & C4R? Specifically, is there any functionality lost if you just uninstall A360 Desktop permanently? It seems almost like one of those crap apps that ADSK Marketing forces on us, that is now deprecated and ADSK doesn't clean up it's turds very well. But maybe I am just missing where it fits in a real world workflow. Mine being mostly a virtual/testing workflow.


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    Hm. Autodesk says that A360 Desktop is going away completely anyways. I think it would still work on their end and you can still access that drive space through their web portal, the A360 Desktop experience just will not synchronize files between A360 and A360 Desktop. I have personally never used A360. Other services available that worked better.

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