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Thread: Documenting typical apartments

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdbrownaia View Post
    The trick to that is how do you assure the users actually update the ones outside the main project and not edit group in the project, what if they edit a material in the host? they have to remember to do it in the outside project. Its a disaster waiting to happen. However, I have done that on ONE job where we had multiple apartment buildings on the same site that shared the same unit types, in that case I did have the groups as sep files, but I wouldn't do it again. Way too much management headaches.
    It gets way worse than that:

    Some Object TYPES (wall definitions, material definitions) simply WONT update when the group is reloaded from outside. Period. You get the "the type from the project will be used" message, and now you have disparities in your groups.

    If the unit cloud is the "worst thing ever" then tell them to put on their grown up pants and document all the units in context. It's the only "better way," and it's a lot slower to set up and maintain.

    Doing it in an outside file is LOL bad.

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    That's good to know. The more reason to use the unit cloud the better

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