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Thread: Revit 2017 site designer tutorials

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    Revit 2017 site designer tutorials

    I am looking for a tutorials for Revit 2017 site designer. I want to know how to model road, curb, parking etc. I google youtube but look like they don't have one for Revit 2017. They have other tutorial but look like older version and doesn't have any good one. Please share if you find good one.


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    Not really much but I've used a 6in concrete wall to create curbs. It's quick and you can give it any profile you like.

    It has been a really long time since I did some site work, but the Autodesk Revit commercial design book covered basic site design, toposurface, points, and sidewalks. A little playing around with it and there is not much you can't do.

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