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Thread: 2017.2 View Reference Command made dumber

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    I had a Revit Idea suggestion for new Rooms, but it would apply here, too.
    Instead of the drop-down list, I'd like to be able to drag from a Schedule.
    That way we could sort, filter and search any way we wanted to as well as being able to use any applicable parameter, not just the one or two in the drop-down.
    Speaking of Search, I'd include a link, but I can't find my Idea again.

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    On the subject of "Wish they would finish it".. Why is it impossible to make a view reference tag that references the view???
    Only Detail number and Sheet Number are available in the label....
    So there is an inbuilt assumption that you only want your links to show the number of the whole sheet on which a linked view is located....

    But I have been using the ability to print working view references to pdf documents since R2015 to make some nice interactive documents.

    What would be really nice would be if Autodesk would increase the possibilities of the URL parameter type, so that as well as linking to external files or web locations it was also possible to link to items in the project browser. So you could just add a URL parameter to any element, link it to a view or sheet inside the model, then tag the url parameter on any kind of view.

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