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Thread: Finding elements find/replace tool

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    Finding elements find/replace tool

    I am working on tagging interior windows/glazing using window ghosts and numbering them in sequence. for example, I am naming them W1, W2 and so on as I go through the plan. I ran into the issue where there is a duplicate ghost with the same name, lets say W3 exists somewhere else already and I want to find that one and change it because it's no longer correct. I want to find where that duplicate one is locate it so I can resolve the issue. only, I can't find it anywhere in the plan and want to avoid having to manually scan the floor plan. Is there a way that I could do some kind of find command where it will highlight it if I do some kind of search for it?

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    Learn your way around schedules. Filter by Type mark equals W3 and it will show all of them in the model.

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