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Thread: Revit 2012 and 3ds Max 2012

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    Revit 2012 and 3ds Max 2012

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I couldn't find any posts with this issues, if there has been one I apologize for the repetition. Anyways, I have been working on my portfolio for grad school and I decided to do renderings using 3ds max. I have exported both - DWGs and DXFs - and everything comes through fine except the exterior glazing, mullions, and my massing. I thought maybe they'd show in the render so I clicked render and it crashed 3ds. I'm not sure what to do, every time I export the mentioned components are missing and the renderer crashes the whole thing. Am I missing a step? Thanks in advanced guys. I really appreciate it. .
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    Have you tried exporting in FBX? It's the preferred format these days for getting from Revit to Max as all material definitions and mapping is retained. You can also link your FBX file much like you can a DWG.

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    Have a look at this video:

    Its for Revit & Max 2011, but I think it the clearest video going for expaining how the .fbx linking works in 2011.

    Good luck, Kamran.

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    Thanks, guys it worked!

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