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Thread: Revit Clash detection

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    Revit Clash detection

    Anyone on here use the Interference check within revit? i know the navisworks has a better version of checking clashes, however at my company we dont have the full version of navisworks so cannot use it (my bosses think it costs alot just to purchase for the clash detection features).

    If anyone does use the revit clash detection command, do you have any tips on the best way of using it? i understand that when you check for clashes, it only highlights in orange on your views, but it doesnt take you to that specific area so you have to manually find it?

    Any help/advice on this would be much appreciated.

    Craig L

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    Be selective about the reports to run in order to keep them manageable. If you run duct against pipe, you don't need to run pipe against duct.

    The ID from the reports to find objects. Under the manage tab is a tool for selecting by ID.
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    Anyone knows what type of objects clash detection in revit functions with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craiglarkinmsj View Post
    (my bosses think it costs alot just to purchase for the clash detection features).
    Your boss is right - to an extent - but I would hazard it would pay for itself very quickly against the time you'll spend with Revit's (clash detection) tool... I don't even dare run it even on the smallest of our models.
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    If there is a value add for your company (at all) doing actual *Clash Detection* then pay for Manage. Youll literally pay for the cost of the platform in a few weeks of moving through the terrible workflow of Revits Interference Detection.

    If its not worth the money to buy Navisworks, then it shouldnt be worth the effort to do it in Revit.
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