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Thread: Room Finish Schedule

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    Room Finish Schedule

    Hey, I'm looking for a little insight on scheduling room finishes because I'm done bashing my head against the wall .

    I'm setting up my firms finish schedule and the 'graphics' approver wants to have North, South, East, and West walls scheduled under the category of walls, as well as floor, base, and ceiling finish, and ceiling height. My problem is scheduling wall finishes. I'm not using any materials in the project; just strictly text input as material scheduling seems to have it's drawbacks especially for the time it takes just to add materials to every wall of a project.
    I've created a room finish tag with shared parameters for N-S-E-W walls and loaded into the my project. The problem really lies in the fact that you cannot add a shared parameters to a room style making scheduling 100s of rooms a little tedious. I thought about adding project parameters (which cannot be added to the room tag because they only accept shared parameters) and then tried to added a calculated value to the schedule that says shared parameter (SP) = project parameter (PP), but this also does not work. Even if it did, calculated values don't show up in Room styles because they only allow project and system parameters.

    Does anyone know of way to schedule a room tag with shared parameters and then adding those parameters to a room style? There seems to be a break in the loop. Thanks!

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    If you are doing finishes this way you can only add them by room instance. In simple projects where we aren't applying materials we have shared parameters for ceiling, floor, wall base and all 4 walls. We then can create a room finish schedule which has the finish marks, and finally a finish schedule that shows the manufacturer, etc. of each finish. I have dummy material swatches I place in a project to document the materials that aren't being placed in a project.

    If we have multiple rooms that are the same finish I simply have the schedule not itemize by instance and sort it by room name, department or some other parameter and add finish information in bulk.

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