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Thread: 0 daylight portal

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    Question 0 daylight portal

    I am designing a restaurant - interior and exterior- and I need to render both side. I did some draft rendering before and daylight portal was normal in interior and exterior. I am really in hurry for doing exterior render but day light portal number is 0.I checked sun setting,section box and make the section box as big as possible to surround the sun! but i don't have day light portal . I applied image for background scene, my render light get normal, but day light portal number is 0 yet!!! if you know somethings about daylight portal , I would be grateful if you share your experience with me. i don't know what should I do!!

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    Daylight portals are only used if you have the Lighting set to Artificial... and I think Interior.

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    Portals are available for all settings (I think). You turn them on for windows, doors, and curtain walls through the Quality Settings (scroll down to Edit, then the check boxes are at the bottom).

    I don't know why you'd want light portals for an exterior rendering, though. You shouldn't need them. Just set up your sun properties and turn on your shadows.

    Oh, and welcome to RFo.

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