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Thread: Multi Revit File Project

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    Multi Revit File Project

    I'm working on the structural portion of a large site that has several buildings located throughout. For the most part details will be common between the buildings but each building is being treated as an independent submittal.

    This is a portion of an email I received on how the architect was going to setup his drawing workflow.

    "once you have a drafting view set of details ready you can insert it into all the other drawings. This is not an active link so each time you make a change you will have to make it in all or reinsert the drafting view. I’d suggest you pick one building as your master set and then only perpetuate it to the other buildings when you are almost finished. This means you should only have to do it once before each deliverable and then only if there is a change"

    I’m worried that if I don't stay on top of things I can very easily ended up with details that are updated in one submittal and not another. Is there a way to keep the details linked?

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    I would recommend setting up individual detail views for each detail in the "master" project. Its going to make it much easier to manage in the long run. Then in the linked projects you can create coresponding detail views and set the V/G for the linked "master" project to display By Linked View and pick the appropriate detail view. This way if the master details are modified then all of the linked files will be coordinated automatically and there won't be any chance of one project not having the updated details.
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