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Thread: Floor Finish Material to Room Tag

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    Floor Finish Material to Room Tag

    I'm tryin to get Room Tags' ''floor finish'' information from floor itself.First I'm creating architectural floor and creating it layers and choose the top one function as finishing and im assinging it material as ceramic for example.Then i create my room n tag it.In my tag there is a place for label that should show 'floor finish' but it doesnt show.I know that this information comes to room tag from room itself.But it would be really great to take this information from floor finish material so i can save a lot of time in big project.The same is also for wall finish.

    I've tried to solve it with Shared Parameters but it doesnt work synchronized between Floor n Room.

    Is there any suggestion for that?

    Thans for helping.

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    Cannot be done without the API.

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    Warning, HORRIBLE Kludge follows...

    I came up with a workflow to try to address this issue, because it comes up, and don't have the API chops to make a real solution. So...

    1: Create the sheeted view, and place the room tags
    2: Create a working view, and place room tags
    3: Place material tags on the floors
    4: Copy paste the material designation from the material tags to the room tags
    5: Leave the working view so you can come back later and validate changes easily

    That said, if you can tag the materials with material tags, I think material in the room tag is all so much "This is the way we have always done it", so dedicated materials tags is my first choice, and the kludge for materials in room tags is just for those offices that really insist on using Revit like Acad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
    Cannot be done without the API.
    Given the limitations here what's the best way to put together a room finish schedule without a lot of manual input? I've been using key schedules but they only go so far and obviously don't update if there is a change in the model.

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