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Thread: Structure error

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    one thing is dimensioning members that are rotated to the RP in your roof plan. Because they are on a sloped RP you cant dim them correctly in plan view. Another thing is when your slope changes for what ever reason, the member wont stay in the correct vertical position and you have to respace all of them.

    its fine for small or simple roofs, sometimes is necessary, i just don't recommend it.

    A different method is to use a roof or floor that uses either shape editing or a slope arrow (depends on the construction type) attach your columns to the bottom side of the roof/floor(move the bottom/top of the floor to the correct elevation). draw primary members to the column nodes. draw secondary and tertiary members from the primary members. This method word very well with warped or complicated slope roofs. If you edit the slope of your roof all the framing will move with it, and in a vertical plane. just my 2cents

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