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Thread: Change Tag Geometry/Color with Change to Parameter

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    Change Tag Geometry/Color with Change to Parameter

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but... is there a way to have the geometry/color of a tag change based on the value of a parameter it is tagging?

    We're doing plans to help describe where, for example, we have card readers, operators, etc. at doors. We've been doing this in Illustrator but now there's a desire to see how we could do them in Revit. The way things are currently done each function of the door gets a letter/color combination (yellow circle with a "C" for card reader, green square with a "D" for door operator, etc.).

    I know I can get the tag to read a parameter of the door to get the letter designation correct but getting the geometry/color of the tag to update based on the parameter is either trickier or impossible... I'm thinking the later.

    I would prefer not to have multiple tags for each geometry/color combination. It would be too easy to have the wrong tag displaying the wrong textual information.

    If I can't get the tag to update geometry/color based on the doors parameter I may be forced to do this with pieces of GA.


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    I think it could be done with nested tag shapes and some if/then statements.

    if typemark=C then family=card reader


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