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Thread: Mezzanine Plans

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    Mezzanine Plans

    Hi folks,

    Im wondering if anyone can help me. Im having some difficulty creating a mezzanine plan of a car park level that reads well.

    What I would like to do is have the mezzanine area presented as black lines, and the rest of the building shown in grey. Ive created a Plan Region for the mezzanine car park, with view range as required. For the overall plan ive adjusted the View Range to show as little as possible (although some elements are still showing, like escalators etc). I had hoped showing the primary level as an underlay would solve my problems, as it comes in in grey, however there is a lot of information on it I do not want shown. Can you change the view range of an underlay?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.


    PS working on Revit Architecture 2012

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    Easiest thing is probably to create two plan views and overlay them on your sheet. You can then configure each level the way you need without having to deal with plan regions and underlays.

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    Why not just use the underlay, but turn off the stuff you don't want to see?

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    Hi guys,

    Many thanks for your responses.
    @Cellophane- I had thought if this, but you then only get the 'full picture' on the sheet view, and not the plan view(s).

    @dzatto- ive got the underlay on, but it is displaying unwanted components, ie walls from above AND below, etc. Is there a way to edit what is shown by the underlay, or change the view range of it? (i assume it just cuts on the RL by default...)

    Many thanks!

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