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Thread: Assemblies? Really?

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    Post Assemblies? Really?

    mdradvies I did go through your post about legend and assemblies.
    Well I thought maybe this is what I'm looking to achieve in Revit?

    Here is the thing.
    I have panel walls where I have to have elevations for each wall with its panels. In these elevation views I have to Tag each instance of these panels and these views must be named PW-01, PW-02 and so on. I have to make sure that I didn't miss any wall elevations. Then I have to have reference elevation marks in plan views with same PW-01 etc.
    And then I have to schedule my panels. (size and count wise). If I could make schedule for each wall with its panels that would also be nice.But in some cases I may have one wall which consists of one panel.

    In other words: Plan views with elevation marks > Elevation Views with according view names > Each panel instance tagged in each elevation view > Panel instances scheduled as per Size and count

    I want to understand if I could somehow use Assemblies in some correct way to achieve any optimized workflow in all above mentioned ?

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