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Thread: ordering parameters

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    ordering parameters

    To model a medieval bent (or frame) I wind up using about 60 variables.
    It could probably be done with less, but not much less, and would entail
    sacrificing some measure of clarity, which we can't afford at this point.

    Attached is my list of parameters; and I would like to do several things:

    1. Sequence it. Either computational (preferred), alphabetical or chronological.

    2. Group the parameters. Main givens, secondary, computed, angles and dims.

    3. Export the values to a spreadsheet.

    4. Add a column for comments. (really necessary).

    5. Reorder the columns (equations before values).

    Can any of these things be done, at this point? Is it in the cards?

    PS. It is interesting to note that medieval carpenters routinely executed
    dead-on precise cut layouts with just a piece of string (the compass), the
    same piece of string as the straight-edge or ruler, and a bit of chalk.
    And they built the cathedrals, teh castles and everything else that way.
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    1. holy crap that's a lot of paramaters
    2. what are you modeling?

    There is a post somewhere about reordering paramaters but it isn't anywhere near as in-depth as what you are looking for. Ideate might have something that can pull everything out to Excel for you but if I remember correctly it isn't cheap.

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    If you already have the family done, better is to open a copy of your family in new revit instance. On a paper wrote the order you want it. Than delete all your parameters stright from the properties pallete.(only your geometry will remain). Remake them using the number 3 trick. Apply the parameters to geometry. To create 60 parameters i think in maximum 30 minutes everything is done. The names(when you will rename) and the formulas will be copied via copy paste from the other Revit instance witch have the original list opened.
    For the new families, use the no 1,2,3 tricks from the start to have a little more control. Shared parameters can`t be contro11ed this way. It`s to hard bother.

    the best trick:
    trick 1
    additional tricks:
    trick 2
    trick 3 usualy parameters are ordered alphabetically. Also if you want a specified order and you know from the start how many they are and what types they are(ussualy happening when you already finish a family ... ) is to create them first with false names using numbers. Like "1" "2" "3" ....."9" "90" "91" "92"....."99" "990" "991" "992"....."999" etq. Every parameter had to be the right type. They will order with "1" at the bottom of your existing parameters and the bigger numbers at the top of "1". At the end you rename them all according your known list. This trick + the first, i use them most in real time when i do the family.

    2.You can put the secondary parameters in other categories at the end of your creating procces. So all the grey parameters can go to Other category witch is listed at the bottom of the window so the user will not be disturbed.
    If you want them in the same category (like dimensions) you can use this trick

    3. Printscreen and OCR trace can`t. best way is to make the names very descriptive. You can add an url parameter with a link to a pdf. Or you can add descriptive text in the name of some text parameters and put a point in the function field so they will be grey out between your input parameters. Example parameter name: "this is for adjusting the depth of arc 2" / value: . /function: "."

    5.can`t be done. i suppose you need to see more of the formula fields. You can click in a field, after that press and hold control and use mouse wheel to zoom out if you need to see more of the function field. Or buy a bigger resolution monitor as a second monitor, and resize your parameter pallete on all the screen. Or use notepad and copy paste the formula at the end.
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    Wow; that's some workaround. But very informative nonetheless. Thank you.

    1. Couldn't load the tricks urls, but trick 3 makes sense. Although it seems to register in
    descending alphabetical order; but not always. Some names appear out of sequence.
    For examples, look at the list I snipped and attached with initial post. It's Confusing.

    2. I like the secondary parameters in other categories suggestion.
    In fact, you could go all the way and also use 'general', 'constraints', 'dimensions', 'data' and 'other'. Good call.

    3. The OCR route. Bin thar dun that. Snip, save/format, paste into OCR, correct, save, paste into XL, format.
    Repeat with second page of variables, Snip/save/convert/paste/OCR/correct/save/paste/merge/ resequence.
    Much faster to just type the whole thing into XL. 20 min vs more than 1 hour.

    4. I have a separate document with notes on how things are structured. Goes against the 'One project, one file'
    beauty of the Revit concept. It would only take a couple of days to program in a 'comments' field.

    5. Oh well. No biggy.

    Making the fields resequenceable, groupable, commentable and exportable would be a very small task within the
    Revit development effort. And in my opinion, very much worth the little effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madhaka View Post
    Wow; that's some workaround. But very informative nonetheless. Thank you.

    1. Couldn't load the tricks urls
    well Trick number one is very very important. Scott Hopkins was the genius. Here is attached.
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    small details, big model

    Brilliant; but still cumbersome. Good to know, however.
    I hope Autodesk just sets somebody to writing the feature some day.

    For cellophane who is wondering if I am modelling a mammoth, here
    are the files for the medieval trusses which I am trying to generalize.

    The detailing is in the notches and grooves for the mortice and
    tenon assemblies, which used to be so precise you could not wedge
    a razor in between the timbers.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ordering parameters-frame.jpg   ordering parameters-haut-du-poin-.jpg   ordering parameters-mortice.png   ordering parameters-framing.jpg  
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