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Thread: Very basic question about Family

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    Very basic question about Family

    I am learning Revit now and the concept about Family is not very clear to me.
    First, I receive a .rvt file and it contains a lot of useful families inside. I would like to use save some of the families as .rfa so i can use it later.
    But turns out not all of the families are saved. I tried to look online and research myself but it seems to me that only in-placed families
    can be exported as .rfa

    my question is, how do I save the attached box as rfa? it contains like materials and good structural informations. I cant save as or anything. If I build it from scratch again it would be quite painful because i also need the contained informations.

    I appreciate your help!
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    That element is a floor, which is a system family and can not be saved as an .rfa. same goes for walls, roofs, ceilings, curtain walls. What you can do with system families is just copy/paste from 1 project to the other. You need to remember that materials for example that are already in your project will not be overridden by pasting that new floor into your project.

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    You can go to the Project Browser, and scroll down to Families, then pick through what is in the RVT file, you ought to be able to double click to open those. Once open, you can use Save As (Family) to your local machine (or such network location if you are using one of those).

    Seeing how other peoples' Families work can be very informative. Sometimes. Sometimes they are less that useful. The French say "c'est la vie"--such is life.

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    System Families - (such as Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Roof, Stairs, Railings) - These are project based, created and managed within projects. The developers preset/defined all of their parameters and capabilities. We can create new types from existing types in the templates. They cannot be saved out of a project as individual elements (not as intended by the developers).

    Component (Loadable) Families - (such as Casework, Furniture, Furniture Systems, Windows, Doors) - These are file based (.RFA), separate from project files and Loaded into projects. We create them ourselves and have to create all of the options and configurations we need.

    In-Place Families ("in-between") - These combine the features of System and Component categories. They use the Component Family Editor features but can also be assigned to categories that are only available to System families. A ceiling (system) family can be flat but if we need a ceiling the curves in section we need the In-Place Family tools.

    I find it helpful to think of them this way too: System Families are built on-site with raw materials while Component Families are built in a factory, shipped to site and installed.

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