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Thread: Variable Facade Panel Fail

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    Variable Facade Panel Fail


    I am a heavy Rhino/Grasshopper user transitioning to Revit/Dynamo.
    I am in the proccess of modeling a facade paneling system that will ultimately work with an attractor curve.

    The following was modeled in Rhino/GH; I want to model the same system in Revit.
    Variable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-goal.jpg

    To achieve this, I've created 3 revit files:
    -A sweep profile as a conceptual mass
    Variable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-profile.jpg
    -A curtain panel family that models each "bowtie".
    Variable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-panel.jpg
    -A conceptual mass file with 2 surface with a checkerboard patterns, one of which is indented and globally rotated.
    Variable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-successful-front.jpg

    Within the curtain panel family itself, all parameters run as expected.
    When implemented within the Conceptual Mass as an actual applied checkerboard pattern, only certain UV settings produce acceptable results; in other cases, the bowtie curtain panel family breaks in ways I don't understand where constraining dimension lines and predetermined symmetries are ignored.

    Variable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-uvfail2-front.jpgVariable Facade Panel Fail-revitquery892019-uvfail-front.jpg

    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Attached are all relevant rfa files.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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