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Thread: How to set default Mark values for Windows & Doors?

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    How to set default Mark values for Windows & Doors?

    Many of our window and door families are built with nested doors and windows. In the family editor, I can set the instance parameter for Mark, but when I load it into the template and select "Overwrite the existing version and its parameter values" the Mark value defaults to some other value.

    Suggestions how to get around this?

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    Mark values are unique to each instance, so Revit doesn't overwrite that parameter. It won't voluntarily create identical Mark values, and you'll get a warning if you do so manually. If you want multiple windows to have the same value, use the Type Mark.

    We use the type mark parameter to note identical windows, and the Mark parameter for doors. We filter out all the nested door/window components, and only schedule the host element in our door schedule.

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    I suggest having Dynamo fix the numbers after the fact. What we are given in Revit (in terms of predefining Mark and Type Mark Values) in the Family Editor, is a joke.
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