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Thread: Small Column Extending from Base of Primary Column Down to Site Level

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    Question Small Column Extending from Base of Primary Column Down to Site Level

    I'm not really a pro when it comes to modeling families, so I usually reply on Revit City when I need a component not included with the program. In this case I'm having an issue with the attached column. When placed on a level above site level there is a smaller (sub-column?) that extends from the base of the primary column back down to the site. It looks like an auto-generated support column or something, but the family itself is an Architectural column (not Structural), so that really doesn't make any sense.

    If anyone can offer suggestions as to how I can modify the family to eliminate this auto-generated support column I'd be very grateful! Also attached is a perspective from a project I'm working on. The line extending down from the small version of the column family up on the balcony is the issue I'm referring to (in this case I'm using the column as a baluster). It's only visible beneath the center column/baluster because the others are hidden by the columns below.

    The auto generated sub-columns I'm referring to appear much larger when the family is at its native scale. Place the column on any level above site level in an empty project, and you should see what I'm talking about right away.

    If any of this needs clarification please let me know.
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    Hi, are you talking about this (see pic)?, regards Small Column Extending from Base of Primary Column Down to Site Level-weird_column.jpg

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