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Thread: Family annotation visibility based on project Yes/No parameter

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    Family annotation visibility based on project Yes/No parameter

    Can I drive the visibility of elements (linework or nested annotations) in my Area tag based on the values of Shared Yes/No Instance parameters in my project file?

    I have an Area Plan with Area objects (but it could just as well be a Floor Plan with Room objects).
    I have an Area tag that reports the values of many shared parameters and Revit standard parameters. This includes text and Yes/No parameters. This all works fine - no problems.

    I would like to use those Yes/No parameters in the project to drive the visibility of nested annotations (or just plain simple linework) within my Area tag family. In other words: if the user checks on a certain Yes/No parameter for the Area object in the project, then display on this Annotation symbol in my Area tag.

    I don't think this can be done.

    I can nest in my Generic Annotation items (or I can draw simple linework) into my Area tag family.

    I can tie the visibility of these to a Type Yes/No parameter in the family file that is then visible in the project: but then this is dependent on the user in the project selecting the correct tag Type rather than relying on the Area parameter values - so that is not what I want.

    I can tie the visibility of these to an Instance Yes/No parameter in the family file, but then these are not then visible in the project.

    Attached is a v2018 Revit file showing the issue.

    Does anyone know how to achieve this please? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance.

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    I was all set to say "Sure you can!"
    Then I read closer & realized you're trying to tie the value that the Tag is reporting on to the visibility within the Tag.

    Sorry, but no.
    You can make different TYPEs of the Tag and have each Type display different information.
    But the information from the Area object itself can't affect the Tag.

    Best you could probably do is fire up Dynamo & have it select the Tag Type based on it's Area's parameters.
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    Also as a side note

    if you start adding a bunch of labels into a tag revit understands the total size of the tag (even the not visable stuff) and that gets your arrows to generate with gaps depending on what label in the tag you use

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