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Thread: Rough opening for storefront and curtain wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by danbush View Post
    So is this RO family what you use to cut the hole in the wall and then use a non-embedded CW in the opening?
    I don't make walls so have no need to cut a hole in them. The walls, with openings, that I use for my modeling are a part of the Architectural or Structural model that I link into my model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoangtin View Post
    Can we custom system mullion profile?

    Bit late...

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    I think the "safest" thing an architect can do is model their design intent as I've been closely to how they want it, so Using a mullion on the perimeter with a shim space(approx.) built in is important, then we set the rough opening and know we won't be too far off. I've been pushing to stop showing ANY detail inside the profile and only Detail the location of the Sealant, Location of the weep at the bottom, and the distance to the connection in the head and sill from the exterior(too many times we forget about that and push the window out too far so there isn't enough concrete for the anchor. So in a perfect world I would model the mullion the size/ shape I want it with the glass in the right place and the right thickness, add the sealant detail component and the connection detail component and be done with it, point to the mullion with a tag that reads "Curtain Wall Sill Mullion" or CW Head Mullion, etc. then let the bidding and shops begin. We waste too much time showing manufacturer specific stuff only to have it changed or we get it wrong. Basically my rule is if I'm buying it as an assembly I don't have to detail whats inside that assembly only how that assembly interfaces with adjacent assemblies.

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