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Thread: Cut with void in an array

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    Cut with void in an array

    Hi, attached my model I am currently working on.

    What I want is to cut the curved array elements on the end of the length of this family.

    That doesn't work, because when adding length to this object and there will be more curved elements in the array, they are arrayed later then the void, so it won't cut.

    I searched a lot on the internet, but still I didn't get this working.

    Can anybody help me out?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Mr. Revit OpEd
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    Don't have access to 2019 at the moment, this blog post might address the issue though. It describes reversing the logic, array the void instead so the order of creation is not altered.

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    Hi Steve, thanks for the quick reply.

    I found that post too, but it didn't help me for my project.

    I have made an array now with a void using my total length, but it doesn't cut.
    See attached new file, it's Revit 2019

    Can anyone pls help me out, I am stucked.
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    This graphic shows a different approach. I hope that helps.

    Notice the parts that I mark with an "X". In my opinion, that is not required. Don't try to cut an extra portion of an element of the array. Instead, make those end parts a half-module that is fixed, not part of the array. That separates length of array from length of beam. Then constrain the array of solids and the array of voids (the small holes) between the reference planes that mark the length of array.

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