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Thread: Columns arrayed act wonky

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    Columns arrayed act wonky

    I'm building a family for plywood shelving with vertical wood supports, and using a rectangular column family for those vertical supports. The base parameter is zero, and the top parameter is a hard dimension that doesn't change, above the base level. Works fine initially, and continues to work when the family is arrayed. But when I pick the array number and set that to an integer parameter, the tops of SOME of the columns revert to their previous default setting (9 feet tall), while other columns in the array do not. It makes no sense. So if I have 4 instances of the arrayed column, the first, second and last columns all revert, while the 3rd column in the array keeps my set height of 5'-6". If I edit the array group, it reports that the column is still 5'-6" above the base level, despite the actual geometry being 9'-0" tall.

    What could be causing this?
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