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Thread: add text in tag families

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    add text in tag families

    may be some people would like to kill me but i'd like to insert text in a tag family
    i've a tag for duct accessories and i would like to insert text in the top of the label to describe the type of accessorie
    but in a tag family i can't insert text :
    None of the created elements are visible in Sheet: - View. You may want to check the active view, its Parameters, and Visibility settings.
    the text should be visible (i saw nothing in VV)
    so i cheat and add the family name instead of my text but the text is too long (because it's a family name and we need long name to make it readable and different in the family list)
    example :

    i just like to have a text like : Réduction (not all the family name)
    some people told me that i can create a shared parameter but i think that creating a shared aprameter for this is really... lost of time
    any idea?

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    You might need to make it a nested label. Not sure since I’ve never done it.

    Instead, I’d add a shared parameter to your family with the information you’re looking for and add it to the tag to report it. This way you don’t have to think about using the correct tag family type.

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