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Thread: SAP Thermal Bridge Length Family

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    SAP Thermal Bridge Length Family


    I've been trying to create a family that is in effect a line that i can takeoff and total the lengths of for calculating the thermal bridges required in SAP2012.
    It needs to be able to be positioned at times in 3d to pickup lengths of valleys or hips.
    Attached is a picture showing all the various lengths that i need to takeoff.
    I've tried a few different ways but none would let me change one end in the z axis, i.e. model line, generic extrusion.
    Any help/ideas would be much appreciated.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SAP Thermal Bridge Length Family-sap-conventions-sep-2018-v8_1_page_27.jpg  

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    Line Based family will place on a workplane - which will keep it on your roof slope. It is clumsy but it should work. The other option would be to set your workplane to a face (e.g. roof slope) and then use a family. You might be able to use a railing, but I've not tried it. Once placed you can also assign marks to them (family or rail) and schedule as needed (R1+R2+R3+R4+Rn)

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