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Thread: Glazing Grid Families

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    Glazing Grid Families

    Hello again,

    I wanted to share some generic glazing grid options I've been working on.

    To properly use these families, you will need the five parameters shown in the 'Grid Parameters' attachment below.

    The options include:
    Standard : Default colonial grid. Also the option to use for 'no grid'. Currently does not visibly remove the grids until both 'Grid Counts' are set to 0 as
    a safety check measure. Can also function as only horizontal or only vertical. Auto Spaced.
    Prairie : Default Prairie. Requires the 'Grid Spacing' parameters to determine the look.
    Perimeter : Default Perimeter. Requires the 'Grid Spacing' parameters and types to determine look. For Hung / Multi-stack Picture / Slider windows
    that want the Prairie look, but stretched over two sashes.
    Craftsman : Single horizontal grid with single / multiple vertical grids. Requires the 'Grid Spacing' parameter and 'Grid Count' parameters.

    Family covers both SDL and GBG variations. GBG shows in elevation using model lines. SDL do not overlap in elevation views, so no squares of lines at every grid intersection.

    Interior / Exterior color capabilities.

    Does not show in plan by default.

    Let me know what you think!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Glazing Grid Families-grid-parameters.jpg   Glazing Grid Families-hung-prairie.jpg   Glazing Grid Families-hung-perimeter.jpg   Glazing Grid Families-hung-craftsman.jpg   Glazing Grid Families-hung-colonial.jpg  

    Glazing Grid Families-hung-colonial-sdl.jpg  
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