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Thread: Shared Parameter spelling error

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    Shared Parameter spelling error

    I just realized I had a spelling error in a Shared Parameter I have loaded into a bunch of my families.
    I have corrected it in my SP file by renaming it in there.
    But when I re-load it into my family, it still comes in spelled wrong.
    I even tried to delete the parameter from my family and add it as a new parameter from the SP file.
    It still comes in spelled wrong.

    Is my only option to delete it completely from my SP file and make a whole new parameter, then delete the old one from my families (etc, etc) ?

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    Yes, thats your only option afaik. Completely replace it with a new parameter as revit remembers the old name. Unless theres some API or Dynamo way of doing it now.

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    You don't by chance have two nearly identical versions of the same shared parameter in the file do you? I've had to edit the text file plenty of times due to fat fingering without any issue.

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    Ooooph. I also make a new parameter, then use Family Processor to add the new Parameter to all families, AND set the new parameter EQUAL to the old parameter, THEN have the FP delete the old parameter. Since the more recent versions of FP even let you control the processing order, you can do all of this in one batch, now.
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