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Thread: Repeated Family not perpendicular

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    Repeated Family not perpendicular

    Hi all,

    I am having issues with an adaptive component not being perpendicular to the path it is following. Here is my workflow:
    1) I have created an adaptive component family, in this case a blade to act as screening around a car park curved ramp.
    2) Loaded this into the project.
    3) Created an In Place Mass and placed points along the path i wanted
    4) Created a spline with points and use the "Divide Path" function, which worked well.
    5) Create an instance of the adaptive family on the first divide point of the path
    6) Use the Repeat command, which it does.

    What i did notice however is the family does not stay perpendicular to the path it is following, which i need it to do.

    In the adaptive component family i have tried all of the "orients to" options in the adaptive family. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and / or how to keep the family perpendicular to the path ?
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