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Thread: Family Array Parametric Basics

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    Family Array Parametric Basics

    I'm trying to learn the basics of parametric arrays in family creation. Basically I'm trying to set up a family of equal cabinets that will stretch from wall to wall in various room sizes, where the cabinets would adjust in size to fit, up to a max of 3'.

    To do this, I'm starting with a width adjustable "cabinet" tied to reference planes, with a dim parameter called "Cabinet Width". However, after I array this, and set up an array parameter, it seems to lock the block size and the cabinet will no longer stretch. Screenshots attached.

    Appreciate any thoughts here - i'm sure i'm missing something pretty basic.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Family Array Parametric Basics-parameters.jpg   Family Array Parametric Basics-constraints.jpg  

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    Arrays are picky. I would delete the middle reference plane, and then assign the the same formula to the cabinet width and the distance between the initial cabinet and it's array to second partner.

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    It's generally best to use a nested family when dealing with arrays. Are you trying to array an extrusion or a nested family?

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    What I've noticed is that Revit likes to array the same "thing" and complains when that "thing" changes. For example, an extrusion is a "thing" made up of a sketch, level, distances, etc, which will change when the "thing" changes. A family is a "thing" made up of "loadable family with parameters", which is still a "loadable family with parameters" even if you change the value of those parameters.

    I'll bet you are trying to drive the arrayed item geometry from family geometry - i.e. you have your cabinet (extrusion) locked to 2 reference planes. If you don't want to make your cabinets individual families, try adding the reference planes and parameter into the extrusion sketch. When building the array, make sure you tab through to select the Extrusion:Reference when aligning or locking dimensions.
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