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Thread: System Families

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    Yep. They are all in my template.

    I don't see ANY upside, or ANY benefit, to storing them outside the project and making people bring them in somehow. Whether you call it *container files,* *twin templates,* *Repositories* or something else, at the end of the day you are making someone go load things in that will be present in the majority of projects. They start out in my template, and i just tell folks to leave them there even if you don't need them. There's no harm in them sitting there.
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    The only reason I'm using "container/source/seed" file with BIM List is the new firm I'm managing is still mostly green to BIM. So to keep the Template as virgin & spiffy & cartooned as possible without having to continually open it to edit content much until the maturity level has increased. Also a temporary strategy to help with standardization & to adapt to their "graphic standards" at the same time, including material/fill region nomenclature. No doubt CTC's BIM Batch tool helps to re-path the other content when upgrading/updating, but since I'm having lots of hands wanting to touch the "jewels" that need to get "familiar" with "processes" in case I'm "not available/around" & not blow up the Template without my supervision.... ;p

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