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Thread: Double Sided See Through Fireplace

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    Double Sided See Through Fireplace

    I'm stumped on what I thought was a relatively simple thing. I need to make a see-through fireplace and can't figure out how to get everything to cut the related walls correctly. What I'm trying to get is to have the fireplace unit cut the studs in the wall but not the GWB, except at the see-through firebox. The unit (Napoleon Vector™ 50 - LV50 2) has a big rough opening that the drywall will cover and a smaller firebox.

    The studs are 16.75" out-to-out which is too far away to join the walls and I can't figure out the correct combination of openings & voids to get everything to cut properly...
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    We have the Vector on ARCAT.

    The way to go about it is to have two voids. One void sticks out from the wall to always cut out the opening. The other is constrained to only cut out around the box of the fireplace.

    EDIT:: Plus, it's going to depend on how you modeled your walls. A "cuts with voids" solution may work better for you.
    EDIT2:: Okay, we don't have the see-thru version. Looked over that part.
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