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Thread: Family use

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    Family use

    Hey guys!

    A quick question :
    Are you guys using Revit provided models from manufacturers ?
    If so, what do you use them for ? ( for example, as example, or to render, to see if they fit , ... )

    Would help me a lot by answering this one!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Many manufacturers and industry groups provide models. Yes, I use them, but not always.

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    Not if I can help it.

    Which basically means never.

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    Practically never. The one time recently i recommended to a client that we use (start with) the manufacturers library to save time and money, it ended up costing us a lot of time, and a lot of money. Dont bother.

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    I avoid it whenever possible, but if they are decent models will occasionally use lights or specific equipment if I don't have an alternative or time to make one. Usually I need a more general item that is flexible to adapt to the current basis of design.

    I will download and look at specific families to acquire dimensions/relationships that are not documented elsewhere when building a family.

    Manufacturer models seem to always have something wrong with them (such as extra lineweights, 2d representation, cad imports...), and/or are too specific for my needs.

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    If I find a good quality one, definitely yes. More often than not they are unfortunately very badly made

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