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Thread: Adaptive Component - Pipe Expansion Joint

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    Adaptive Component - Pipe Expansion Joint

    Hallo all!

    I've been storming the heck out of this issue and I figured after combing through the interwebs and trying various fixes that seemed but failed to fix my issue I ought to ask the question directly and hopefully get some feedback/insight/different perspectives.


    I have an adaptive family in Revit where the user selects the endpoints of two (2) pipes. Ideally, the end product should resemble this:

    Where this component connects two pipes unable to be joined by 90° or 45° fittings. Currently, my family is set up as such in the adaptive environment:

    Where this is the "Reference Level View" and the two "connectors" on the end are nested families and the pipe in the middle a sweep generated in the adaptive environment. My issue arises when I attempt to load this into a project for testing. The two connectors want to face each other as opposed to being parallel to the pipe hosts' center line:

    I've tried various tips, tricks, dark magic, rituals, restarts, and constraints in a vain attempt to get the connectors to behave as I intend.


    Is there a way to lock these connectors to be parallel to the pipe's center line while the middle pipe segment behaves properly?

    Thank you all for your feedback and advice in advanced, but I'll probably thank you again as we work through this!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    This problem seems very difficult. I have doubts that this approach (adaptive family) can lead you to the solution.
    Have you tried to solve this with 2 pipe accessory families instead of one? Meaning, one pipe accessory for one side, and another pipe accessory for the other side, after drawing a pipe from point A to point B?

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