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Thread: Chord Length Constraints

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    I understand where you’re coming from, and in theory that would be helpful to be able to perform a simple sweep for the profile. However, these panels require return legs for attachment and are cut out from a single piece of flat sheet material. The problem with performing a simple sweep for the outside corner that you have shown is that profile cannot physically be made as one piece because of where the bends occur and the geometry that goes into folding them up after being cut on the cnc. That needs to be two separate “parts”, which we will then generate a 2D cut sheet for every single panel in the project. That corner piece will be “welded” (epoxied) to the adjacent part at the outside corner once they are assembled with other bits and pieces that go into assembling an ACM panel.

    We need the flexibility of adaptive components because later on down the road, we will be using point clouds of the actual building and we will modify the model to be as close to as built as possible. Then we will have another add-in, which I’m not allowed to disclose the particulars but it will be very automated and will create 2D drawings for each panel.

    Whether they absolutely have to be adaptive, is beyond me because I’m very green in Revit. But that’s what the team has put together that we are partnering with to produce this software add-in.

    We were given a very quick 4 day training and were essentially let loose and most of this has been “learn on the go”.

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    Precisely because this is for fabrication, it would be better to do it as a generic family, so that you can have control of all the dimensions of the object with precision. Introducing a void that cuts the molding at the diagonal is not difficult.
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