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Thread: Revit Rendering

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    Revit Rendering

    We've been using revit to make quick renderings of projects which works fine. We now need a high resolution rendering to be used on a construction site sign. To make one that size takes days for Revit to render. Is there a way to get a high resolution rendering from Revit any faster, or do we need to use a different rendering software?

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    First I would check with the sign company and see what they need. Those large scale signs are frequently fairly low-res (72-150dpi) since they are viewed from a distance and often while in the car on the move. Once you know what you need, then I'd figure out how to approach the rendering.

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    You might have luck with Enscape - I've used it on the occasional project where we have some rendering requirements. It works with Revit really nicely and doesn't have a huge learning curve, and I think you can do up to 4k renderings.

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