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Thread: Adaptive Membrane Surface

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    Adaptive Membrane Surface


    I am trying to create a tensioned membrane surface using generic adaptive family. The outside perimeters are fixed, but can move with shared parameters. The surface is flexing correctly, but it is very faceted using 'create form'. Is there a way to smooth the faceting, or is there a better way to create the surface/family?

    Please see attached RFA.

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    Welcome to Revitforum.

    The attached images show the process:

    1. Draw in 3d the contours of the desired shape
    2. Using the contours, get points at the correct places. All these points can be controlled by parameters using the Offset property of the points, from workplanes. No need to put dimensions in the view. Dimensions tend to "break" in these forms. Points don't break.
    3. Create reference lines to create forms. Use the rule of "paralellism", meaning, sets of lines, not parallel, but going in the same direction, kind of... parallel. Notice in the form "B" many of these reference lines are required, to avoid a faceted result.
    4. Create forms. This needs to be in 3 parts, the base, the transition, and the top.
    5. Load into projects and put material to the surfaces with wall by face.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Adaptive Membrane Surface-2018-11-11_10-36-13_1.jpg   Adaptive Membrane Surface-2018-11-11_10-36-13_2.jpg   Adaptive Membrane Surface-2018-11-11_10-36-13_3.jpg   Adaptive Membrane Surface-2018-11-11_10-36-13_4.jpg   Adaptive Membrane Surface-2018-11-11_10-36-13_5.jpg  

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