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Thread: Curved building problem

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    Exclamation Curved building problem


    For school i'm working on a project/building that has curved walls.
    I already googled and youtubed a lot and at first, when i was testing this method (massing or model/wall by face) i thought it was working (see first attachment).
    But then after i made some adjustments to my autocad underlay (instead of the outline of the building being 'one line' i made it out of multiple lines so that i could make walls and curtain systems) and started over i couldnt do it anymore.
    I added some screenshots to further explain my problem.

    Curved building problem-render1.jpgCurved building problem-revitq1.jpgCurved building problem-revitq2.jpgCurved building problem-revitq3.jpgCurved building problem-revitq4.jpgCurved building problem-revitq5.jpg

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    One of the errors, the one that says "Can't divide curtain grid by grid line" could be that the length of the segment is too short for Revit to use the current type of Curtain System that you are using, which is set to a division of 1500 mm x 3000 mm. Try to redraw the shape without tracing from .dwgs, and with segments that are big enough to accomodate a curtain system of that size. Or configure the curtain system for a smaller grid.

    The other error, "Can't make face wall shape" could be due to the same cause, that you are probably picking lines from the underlay, instead of drawing new curves in Revit. If you just pick lines, you get all the imperfections and tiny segments of the .dwg file.

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