Hi everyone, I use a powerful Dell laptop - fastest machine ever. I use two screens for a three screen setup. However with my need for doing inter trade coordination I prefer to have a 4th screen dedicated to an nwf of the building so that my laptop screen can be used for viewing my pdf IFC drawings, email, AutoCAD, etc. And the other two screens for my Revit.

Now problem is whenever I have to travel, two screens have been somewhat clumsily manageable. But with three monitors, I am going to need some super duper ultra thin monitors (perhaps even rollable) I can slide into a briefcase, c/w removable and foldable stands.

I wonder what some of you guys do? I have to travel to several job sites and work closely with the construction team. Presently use GoTo Meetings and nwc exports plus Revit and hands free bluetooth earpiece. Although this is pretty high tech, more often than not, it's not enough to keep up with the fast pace of construction. Hope someone has insight into improving one's mobility with all this crazy BIM. I want to sit right beside my foreman as the need arises.

Happy Friday everyone!