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Thread: Soft/Hard(ware) Render Farm

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    Soft/Hard(ware) Render Farm

    Our viz. guys have made a case to up the ante on our outputs - which we're all up for - but now tasked with considering our options.

    Firstly, we'll be offloading some of workload from their monster workstations onto network distributed rendering (DRSpawner for V-Ray & Backburner for Max) - and although I anticipate that'll suffice plenty in the short term, I need to put longer-term numbers into the mix - and so I'm presently nosing around for "next level" solutions, i.e. Hardware.

    But, well, as I often mention, Viz. really isn't my thing, and I've never really put much time into reading up on CUDA/Tesla stuff. And whether or not if it's even GPU-based hardware platform we need at all.

    Any one out there who's setup similar - familiar with the needs/requirements?

    We're a 50+, mostly large-scheme high-end residential office - so do lots of exterior shots, the occasional internal, and regularly print ( ) A1-A0 full colour stuff. It's all static by the way, nothing moving, if that makes any difference.
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    Hi Snowy, just curious if you ever made any progress with this?

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