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Style Guide & Templates

Style Guide & Templates
Here you┤ll find the Style Guide, Family Templates & Project Templates 8
Miscellaneous - Non-compliant All families that are not compliant with the RFO Style Guide may be uploaded and found here. Use with caution, and at own risk! 16
Annotations Tags, GridHeads, ViewTitles, Symbols, etc. 1
Balusters Balusters, Baluster Panels & Baluster Posts 0
Casework Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Counter Tops, etc. 0
Columns Architectural Columns 0
Curtain Panels Curtain Panels Pattern Based & Curtain Wall Panels 0
Detail Component 2D Detail Components 0

Single Doors, Double Doors, Curtain Wall Doors, Etc.


  1. Nested Families
Electrical Equipment Dishwashers, Ceiling Fans, etc. 0
Electrical Fixtures Outlets, Switches, Panels, etc. 0
Entourage Cutlery, Decoration, Carpets, Picture Frames, Curtains, etc 0
Furniture & Furniture Systems Chairs, Tables, Sofas, Beds, etc. 1
Generic Models Barriers, Cills, Ornate Piers, Lintols, Mentels, Quoin Stone, Recessed Features, Etc. 1
Lighting Fixtures Pendants, Downlights, Floor Lamps, etc. 0
Mechanical Equipment Air Conditioners, Boilers, Diffusers, Radiators, etc. 0
Parking Parking Stalls, Wheel Stops, Signs (Handicapped), etc. 0
Planting Trees, Plants, Shrubs, etc. 0
Plumbing Fixture Showers, Sinks, Toilets, Urinals, etc. 0
Profiles Profiles for Mullions, Rails, Reveals, Stair Nosings, etc. 0
Site Bollards, Fences, Bicycle Racks, Utilities, etc. 0
Specialty Equipment Elevators, Escalators, Lifts, Fire Protection, Ladders, Exercise Equipment, etc. 1
Structural Columns Concrete, Pre-Cast, Steel, Wood, etc. 0
Structural Foundation Slab Edges, Pads, Footings, Piles, etc. 0
Structural Framing - Beams and Braces Concrete, Pre-Cast, Steel, Wood, etc. 0
Structural Framing - Complex and Trusses Structural Framing, Complex and Trusses. 0
Structural Trusses Structural Trusses. 0
Titleblocks Titleblocks & Sheets. 1
Windows Windows, Screens, Shutters, etc. 0

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