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Thread: Pipe segment error

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    Pipe segment error

    Hi there, I'm working in a mechanical room and I must put in it some pumps and a couple of tanks, but when I try to connect the pump with the tank Revit shows me a screenshot like that "Revit could not find a matching pipe segment" but if I put the pipes solely without generates any connection with the pump or tank this works fine , I don´t know what i´m missing in it , any suggestion will be appreciated, kind regards.

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    Based on the families that you posted in the other thread, the error happens because the diameter of the connector in the tank family does not match any of the sizes listed under "segments and sizes" in the Routing Preferences of the type of pipe that is assigned to the connector; or, because the diameter of the connector is higher than the maximum size specified for that type of pipe. Solution: edit the tank family, and set the diameter of the connector to match one of the diameters included on the list of segments and sizes, one of the sizes that are less or equal to the current maximum size for the type.

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